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Totally Crappy Icons!

Yes, worse than some of the ones you've already seen here! We're talking the lowest of the low, the worst of the worst. And you really thought I'd show them to you? Are you mad? I'm as willing (more, probably) as the next person to admit when I've messed up, but that doesn't mean I'm going to flaunt my mistakes just so people can point and laugh! I will, however, leave it open to the most intrepid of you out there, if you so desire.

I have left all my really, really, really bad icons in a directory on my web site. It's similar to where the other icons are stored, only the folder is called 'totalcrapicons'. Obviously, now, if you knew the file names, you'd be able to see the icons. But if I were to give you the file names, I might as well just post them here... So I won't. But I will give you some clues.

It all starts with a foolish girl who is discussing deep, meaningful issues with friends on-line. While this mainly consists of a lot of cries of 'I call 'shopped!', there are also some discussions of cheetah love and one or two discussions about milky way - the candy bar, not the galaxy. And one weird converstaion about how it's possible to know that the light really does turn off when you close the refrigerator door, and why the freezer is without light. Unfortunately, there's a massive falling-out over the second leaf discussion (the first was hardly worth mentioning, everyone knows what a maple leaf looks like) and it ended up breaking heart(s).

Wow... that was bad. Sorry. Maybe I'll come up with something more clever, say, a haiku, later. But for now, there's all you need to find the 8 worst icons I think I've ever made. And once you find them, of course feel free to point out all the other ones I've left up that are way worse. Then I can move those, too... After I'm done crying and licking my wounds over the mocking... ;)

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