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Sayings and (mostly) text-only icons

I am not responsible for thinking up any of these sayings, most of them are quotes (like the ones from Coupling) or icons I found and re-made (because I didn't like the originals as much... and to practice) There are some early ones I'm not too proud of, but there are also a few I look at and go 'hey, not bad!' Your mileage may vary, no guarentees, refunds, or exchanges...

Nitwit said with an exclaimation point truer words never spoken made for a friend they should, you know also made for a friend
and, of course, nuclear war Hmmmm I need to re-do these frankly, it's the only place it's in my house at all another one I need to re-do good sentiment, bad icon
Knitting is the new cool you know - and you know why Yet another I could do better shake it! for any other reason is fair game party time
it's enormous, I promise you where are they when you need them? mmmmm, coffee over-rated you might anyway, I'm like that and promptly ignored
I promise I'll give it back except me full version thinking man's version you see what I did there my first truly stolen and used icon!  ;)
again. made pre-Twilight wank, I assure you. I didn't know what the saying was from irritating, isn't it? oh, I cringe when I see my early icons cringe cringe cringe
original, bad version See how much better? I need a picture for this one I know people like this unless there's no towel do I pass a driving test that way?
this one could be better I'm proud of this one, even if no one else likes it another version of an earlier one Running out of witty comments this could stand a re-do, as well

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