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To see my current Icons, visit my LJ Icon Page. These change periodically, and I do miss having the extra (I used to have over 100), but am too cheap to renew the extra icon add-on. Besides, who can keep over 100 icons straight?

Visit the pages linked below to see the non-icontest icons I created (though I admit some of the icontest icons have crept over here, and I'm thinking about migrating them all over into their respecive categories... but then what, other than the awards, I suppose, would be the point of the icontest pages? Advertising for the icontest groups, yes. I don't know, it's still up in the air and could change at any moment. Any moment I have a few hours days to re-do it all, I mean. I debated putting icons in multiple categories (such as: an icon can be both from a movie and text-only) but decided against that.. sort of. I chose whatever was the predominant category and just put it there. Unless I did put it in mutliple places, because it seemed to fit there. I know, not very organized, but even that's more organization than I've done in a long time, so it's about all you can hope for. And there aren't that many overall, so just take a gander at all the pages and deal with the repeats if you don't want to miss out.

Icon suggestions are always appreciated, as is constructive criticism. I know many of my early icons suck, but I'm being a big girl and putting them up here anyway. Besides, it's nice to look back and think I've improved.

Should you be so inclined (I don't know why you would, but anything is possible) but I do fill requests, as well, if there's anything you're dying to have and think that my mad (and not in a good way, but in that crazy old Aunt Erza that smells kinda funny and always pinches your cheek) icon-making skills are up to it, drop me an e-mail or leave me a comment on my blog and if I have time I'll give it a shot!

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