Links of Interest That Don't Fit Anywhere Else, and a Recap of Important Things I Linked Elsewhere Because I Really Think You Should Go There

Friends! I have them, let me show them to you! Blogs I follow:

My F-List on LJ - you can't see everything (some blogs I follow are friends-locked) but there are several excellent open blogs!
Bookpusher was the one who first got me into blogging on LJ, and though he's moved on from LJ I still follow his feed.
JustCara is a humorous writer (she has a book published, I Love Ranch Dressing) who I started following on LJ who has also moved on (hrm, I'm seeing a trend!).

My friend's non-blog websites!

Zaina (Bellydance peep)

Want to do your part to reverse global warming? Dress up like a pirate and worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Books, books, and more books!
I can't buy enough, even though Barnes and Noble would love me to. I also check out quite a few from my Local Library, just to save some dough.

Crafts! Can't get enough craft crap!
My craft room is packed to the gills, but still I shop at JoAnn ETC and Michaels. Both also have good craft projects on their web sites. There's also an amazing Oragami web site you have to see to believe!

GEEK-Tastic fun
Engineering geekiness can be found at The Traffic Cone Preservation Society and Cooking for Engineers. And for all of your geek needs, there's ThinkGeek. Like architeture? Check of the Most Unusual Buildings on Earth (WARNING-pop-ups on this site, have your pop-up blocker ON). Amd for you not-so-geeky, here a website to remind us the we all use math every day.

Need an unusual gift? Have a soft spot for animals? Adopt an Unfortunate Animal today!

Good Time-Wasting Fun!
Want to know more than you ever dares to ask about Twinkies? Check out The Twinkies Project. Want to waste hours watching amusing videos that stick in your head for weeks afterwards? Check out Weebls Stuff. Want to see how savy a navigator you are? Check out Nova's Lost at Sea game! Want to know if you should rightly call it 'soda' or 'pop' to fit in with your community? Check out the Pop vs. Soda map!

Sports, sports, and more sports!
Okay, so I'm a militant sports fan. I should be banned from the stadium. I would chuck things at the officials if I thought I wouldn't get in trouble (which I would). I could go on and on about how officials aren't held responsible for the calls they make that crush dreams, but, I won't. My favorite teams are the Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Royals. And yes, I know they both suck.

Weird stuff I like on the net...
I absolutely love statistics, and one of my favorite morbid statistics site is the CDC's Leading Causes of Death site. Good to know I'm still in the age group where accidentally hurting myselfs, purposely hurting myself, and someone else hurting me still top mother nature.

Just plain interesting
The most amazing sand sculptures on the web - Team Sandtastic! What can you do with Legos? Well, just about everything, including Mathmatical Lego Sculptures, the Bible, and Various Album Covers. Also, are you unwilling to accept that job rejection letter? Check out how to reject a rejection letter!

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