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Yard and Outdoor Projects

This is what has honestly taken up the most of my time. And it was the one thing I really expected to put off until next year. But the doghouse was really annoying, and the grading on the side of the house caused the basement to get wet, so something had to be done pronto. We got rid of the doghouse (that was a chore) by giving it to some people who agreed to come get it. Then we dug out the old window wells (I use the term 'we' a bit loosely, I'd like to brag that it was really me that did most of the work...) and replaced them, re-graded the side yard, put window well covers on the wells, and lastly, dug a crude swale. This was all before we got rid off almost all of the landscaping across the front of the house, and paid someone to come in and re-grade it and lay sod (they also got the city to come out and raise the water meter cover, so mowing is far easier). Then we had the driveway re-done as it was in danger of caving in, which required further grading (and this time seeding) of the front yard.

In the backyard I laid a paver slab for the shed we bought and assembled ourselves. That was fun. And in this case I also use the term 'we' loosely, as it was supposed to get super-windy and rain, and hubby had a good chunk of it together before I got home. We also pulled up the plastic (like trash bag plastic) that was under the barked area and tilled up the very compacted clay soil and put down grass seed. We've removed most of the chicken-wire fencing and posts that were around the doghouse, pulled out the pond, removed part of the decking and got rid of the brick portion of the patio (that was fun, hauling all those bricks to the front yard for someone to pick up!), and still have a ton to do. I'd like to make use of those stupid posts sticking up from the patio by coving the concrete portion of the patio with a 'roof'

The Doghouse Project Window Wells The Pond The Shed
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