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Okay, this was probably the worst decorated room in the house, and it got its paint job first. Most people think the room is too dark, but it's MY room, so plbth. There's still a lot that needs to be done to the room, including turning the closet into a gift-wrapping nook (right now it is serving as yarn overflow storage - I hung some sweater organizers from the closet rod and it works really well). How cool would that be? Someday I'll get it done.

Inspection pictures:

A work in progress...


Recent Pictures: yes, it's a mess. Perhaps the shame of publicly posting such messy pictures will compel me to clean. But I highly doubt that. One thing I'll point out - see the picture of the filing cabinet? See those handles? Those are not the handles that came with them (I got them at a salvage store) but they really, really, really dress up the cabinets (the black plastic handles made them look, well, cheap!). So for once the home improvement shows were spot-on - hardware can make a huge difference!


The cool wire shelving... lots of storage space!

A mostly clean room (not at all like it is now...). The major difference between this picture and now is that I've moved the big round chair from the basement (because we got a couch) and put it in the corner in front of the closet.

The closet: it is my dream to turn this into a gift wrapping station. I plan on putting a large flat desk inside with cubbyhole storage underneath, perfect for storing gift wrapping materials. Also, a few smaller shelves on the back wall for ribbon, scissors, etc. Lastly, the top shelf will be used to store items bought ahead of time. Because it seems that whenever I buy gifts early I end up losing them (yes, it could have something to do with the fact that I'm a slob, I realize that!) and then I have to buy more stuff, and soon I have a pile-up of past, ungiven gifts. It's a terrible waste, especially when it's not stuff I want, anyway. It's my hope that if I have a place to put them... Hey, I can dream!

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