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Mom's Room
(aka: the guest room)

While this will be where any guest we have will sleep, it is first and foremost my Mom's room. She picked out the color and theme. It also has had quite a bit done to it, though it still needs a lot of work. The wallpaper border came down immediately, then I painted the yellow (FOUR coats to cover the blue and puce) and the trim. And then I noticed that the yellow looked awful because the ceiling was really dingy - so I painted that white. Thankfully, I bough generic ceiling paint at Wal-Mart (though all the rest of my paint has been Behr or Glidden from Home Depot and Lowes - there really is a difference in durability and scrubbability, but who washes a ceiling?) because I was painting it the night before her visit and RAN OUT (how close do I cut things? This is a picture of the room the day before she got there). But good ol' Wally World is open 24/7 so we ran out to get more late Friday night... and there are some strange people shopping at Wal-Mart at midnight, let me tell you (it must have been prom night, and Wal-Mart must be a primo prom-night hangout, because there I was in my paint-splattered clothes surrounded by guys in tuxes and girls in formal dresses... it is now a standing joke that we aren't dressed well enough to go to Wal-Mart). Anyway, I put up shelving in the closet, and my Mom and I framed out the window and put up the window treatments, but I still need to re-finish her night stands, hang pictures on the wall, re-upholster the mini couch, re-finish the small dresser, and - oh yeah - move all the boxes out. Then the fantastic guest suite will be complete!

Inspection Pictures:

A work in progress (and handy laundry storage... I admit I do use it to hang stuff on drying racks, being that it is so close to the laundry room and very convenient):

Granted, it still needs a lot of work done before it is done - you can't really see the top of the bed right now (it's covered in - bet you can't guess what... laundry! How did you know?). I need to re-upholster the little couch I have in there, get a coffee table... But it's coming along, finally!

The closet is particularly handy, despite its odd shape. A bunch of shelving and a little work later, and, while it's not particularly great for clothes (it's a little short, and the bar is a bit low even for my clothes) the side bits make for really great storage.

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