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Master bedroom and bath

This room stayed as it was for an embarrassingly long time, until one weekend my husband looked at me and said "Let's paint this room, it would make you happy". And I realized how true that was, how sleeping someplace you don't really like can wear on you a bit. And I really did not like that terra cotta color (I had taken down the little paste-on 'mural' they had over the bed right away, though!).

Master Bedroom, Bath, and Closet at the inspection:

So we stuffed all the furniture into the center of the room, and set up the spare bed in my office (that was a tight squeeze!) and ended up spending about a week out of the room. I'd already re-worked the closet pretty much right off (the shelving was weird, and it had hideous wallpaper in it), though since then one of the closet rods has fallen and already been replaced... That's what you get for being in too much of a hurry... or having too many clothes (interestingly enough, it was my hubby's side that fell!). So I painted the walls and trim, we hung up some curtains (another chore, finding white Roman shades and white curtains!) and a few pictures, and replaced the light fixtures (three more brass fixtures moving over in favor of a brushed nickel one - the ceiling fan as well as the two swing-arm bedside lamps the previous owners had left behind). It is much, much nicer now. I would still like to re-do the flooring, someday (I really dislike that berber!) but for now it is very comfortable.

In the bathroom, the only real change I've made is taking down the sliding doors on the tub. I DETEST those things. I don't understand why anyone has them. They are hard to clean (not only the glass bits, but the tracks!) and they make it impossible to sit on the side of the tub. I don't care if you fold up a towel, you can still feel those sharp, nasty, pointy edges.

There are a lot of things I would like to do to the master bath - one of these days. I'm rather burned out on the bathroom remodeling front for the moment, but some day I'll fit it up to be my ducky bath! (yes, I can hear my husband groaning now...)

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