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Living Room

Yes, we have a room without a TV! Growing up we always had the formal living room and then I didn't really understand it. I mean, what good was a room where there wasn't anything to DO? But now, I love my living room. It's a nice place to sit and read (actually, it's the most comfortable place in the house to read as long as hubby doesn't have the TV or computer on too loud downstairs!), relax, nap... Basically the only thing that still needs to be done is to paint the trim white. I also had thought about getting a curio cabinet, but they're a little pricey... and I filled the area with my wing-back chair and a table. I would like a long, low bench for under the window, something to take the place of the dog's toy box/bench (which will find a new home, never fear!).

The living room during the inspection:

The living room now:

Don't mind all of the 'orbs' - I was using my PHD camera and it just goes to show you how very dusty my house it! No wonder my allergies are killing me... Also, all of the artwork on the walls are originals - mostly photos we've taken, the rose was painted by my Mom. The tortoise is my pride and joy! That wingback chair is one I bought at a thrift store - it was a lovely gold velour - and my Mom and I re-upholstered it. The ottoman doesn't match the furniture, but it was cheap ($14 at an auction, new with tags - the same place I only paid $30 for the rug in here!) and I think it goes well enough not to bother re-upholstering it.

There really isn't much I'd still change about this room (now that the floral wallpaper is gone!) except maybe paint the trim white (it's currently the same color as the wall) and change out the floor vent covers (they're brass and starting to rust and warp). But that's really it. Even though I hate beige, I have to admit it goes really well with the furniture.

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