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Family Room
aka "pool table room"

Mostly this room was used to store boxes, until we finally - FINALLY - got our pool table (that was some story... the legs still weren't right, and they had to wait until the correct legs are shipped before they came out and replaced them). When the pool table was finally in place, we picked out a color for the walls (NO, we don't want to leave it that LOVELY salmon color) and I spent more time than I care to remember painting those walls. Stupid textured wall treatment. I had to paint it with - get this - A BRUSH! The roller wouldn't work. Then I decided that the molding surround the windows need to be replaced as well...

Then we got some drapes (I HATED those vertical blinds) and hung some stuff on the walls.

In the long run, I'd like to re-do the flooring and put down Pergo to match the built-in bookcases, but that probably won't happen for a few years - I'm not looking forward to having to move the pool table OR chipping up the tile part.

The family room during the inspection:

The family room after we got the pool table (with the wrong legs):

Picking out a color for this room was tough. We had to find something that would go with the pool table felt, for one. We started out thinking maroon, but we ended up painting the dining room that color. And not that two rooms couldn't match, but... It did seem a little dark. We tried the green we had originally bought for the dining room (anyone need a gallon of forest green paint?). We finally settled on grey - but, geez, there are a billion shades of grey out there. As evidenced by my painting steps... First (far left) was the base coat - this was a dark grey I made from the cans of paint the previous owners had left behind. Waste not, want not! Then I went over it with two coats of the lighter grey we had bought. Finally, I painted the wainscotting a slightly darker grey that we had bought.


Then there was the trim. White trim is white trim, right? No, there are many different shades of white. So when I went to 'touch up' the trim I ended up painting all of it. And it looks nice. But the thing is, I bought a semi-gloss for the trim because it's much more durable. Fine and good - but I was painting the trim around the ceiling and the ceiling was so disgustingly yellow, I just kept going. With semi-gloss. I now have a *very* shiny ceiling. On the up side, if we bump into it with the pool cues I can probably wash the chalk off!

Lastly, those windows. Okay, I admit, I am being a tyrant about wanting all the trim in the house to match. It only seems right! Some of it is wood, some of it is white, and some of it is painted to match the room. And that's just so wrong! But these windows are an exception - because - the windows themselves are wood. And having white trim around a wood window looks awful. And as a bonus, while changing out the trim I ripped up enough old paint to see the 'history' of the room!


And now:

Future plans for this room include the flooring and turning the open alcove back into a closet, because the front hall closet simply is not large enough, plus we usually come in through the garage door. And I need a place to keep the vacuum cleaner. One of these days..

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