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Ducky bathroom!
(okay, not really, it's the hall bathroom and is not ducky at all, since it's not my bathroom)

This room was (or rather IS) a PROJECT. And while I still want to re-do the master bath, 1) I have to finish this one first and 2) I'm going to wait until I have enough money to pay people to do part of it. Oh, boy, where to start... probably at the beginning. What did we set out to do, and why? Well, the tub that was there was chipped and far too small, and it just had to go. This required removing quite a bit of drywall, and while we were at it we also decided to tile the floor (the linoleum that was in there was badly done and peeling up). The toilet and the vanity were fine, and we did leave those (though we had to replace the innards of the toilet after it sat for so long...).

Inspection Pictures:

Work as it progressed... slowly

First, the demolition of the tile surround. Not an easy task, especially around the faucet handles where they had some sort of concrete board. But the liberal application of a sledgehammer (okay, mini-sledge) took care of it.

It's actually a little surprising how hard it is to take that very first swing, the first step of demo. But once you've started, the 'heck, I've already ruined it, might as well keep going!' mentality kicks in. And that's all well and good as long as you're doing the demolition... Anyway, once I'd gotten the tile wall pulled down, we took out the toilet and started smashing the tub. Let me tell you, hammering on a ceramic-coated cast-iron tub is not only very messy and hazardous to your health, but really, really, really loud. Wear earplugs!

Once we'd gotten the tub out, I found that the floor was... not good. The 'linoleum' was just stick-down squares over an old linoleum floor, and they were coming up - as was the floor underneath it. Also, there was a corner of the chipboard flooring that had gotten wet and was disintegrating. So I started yanking that up, as well. Turns out the yahoos somewhere along the line had pulled up tile, not replaced or even smoothed the sub-floor (you could still see the grout lines) and slapped linoleum over it. Which, of course, was not sticking. So up came the entire floor, except under the vanity.

So all hail the new tub - it even fits! You'd think we were getting close, now, right? Well, you'd be wrong, and this is where the project stalled. See, the demo was all good, but now came the hard part - the part I didn't understand. The 'putting it all back together' phase. So it just sat there. And sat there. And sat there....

The saga continues... Click for more!

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