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Dining Room

The dining room was an enigma to us - we'd never had a dining room table! The dining room had always served as an office, as you could see the TV from the desk. So, it was quite an adventure, getting a dining room table. Most of the ones we found that we liked were FAR too expensive, but we persevered and finally found a good one. We re-painted the red walls red (but a much nicer burgundy shade), got a matching carpet, and switched out the chandelier. I bought a brushed nickel curtain rod and silver drape fabric (need to sew them) and sheers (they are up), as well as a nickel framed mirror. I still need to get a fake plant for one of the corners (I have a live palm, but, well... I'm not sure how long I can keep it alive) and sew those curtains (I even bought clips & rings, all I need to do is sew hems on either end!) and it'll be compeltely done.

The dining room during the inspection:

Changes we made include painting over the very vibrant *RED* red with a deeper, more maroon red, switching out the brass chandelier with a nickel one (though keeping a very similar style!) and adding an area rug - because that much white tile is just obnoxious.

The dining room now(ish) - we've added a few more fake plants and I did add another set of curtains that are solid (they are also silver/grey, which is a fairly difficult color of curtains to find), as well as hanging up a few more pictures:


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