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Craft Room

Boy, this room ended up being more work than I thought. Originally, I painted around the existing chair rail. However, I found that painting the chair rail white was going to be far too much trouble, as they had glued - yes, GLUED - it to the wall. I replaced the chair rail with a wider one, painted everything, took out the guts of the closet and put shelving in, took out that stand-alone shelving and put in permanent Closet-Maid Crap, removed the closet doors, and dumped all sorts of crap in the room, shuffled crap around and hung curtains. Finally, after much stalling and shuffling, I put in a few days of solid work and finally - FINALLY- finished off the room..

The craft room during the inspection:

The work in progress:

First, there was the painting. Lots and lots of painting. The color combinations got pretty interesting between steps, as you can see. Also, they had caulked the baseboards to the wall, so I had to scrape out the caulk and pry the baseboards away in order to get a decent paint line. That took approximately... forever. Also, painting around the chair rail was a serious pain in the rear, and all for naught, as you will see...


So I found out that the chair rail was GLUED to the wall, and there was no decent way to neatly paint it. So I yanked it off, and bought new chair rail that was wide enough to cover the gouges I left in my walls...


So the painting and molding were done, time to get the tools out of there, pile the craft room stuff back in, and hang the curtains (which I am very proud of...)


Then came the period of "Yeah, I should clean that up" while piling more and more crap in there. The room at probably its worst (well, not really, I have new 'worst' pictures but I don't have new 'all spiffy and clean' pictures, so we're sticking with the old ones. The most notable difference is the amazing amount of yarn that has found its way into my life - about 7 large tubs worth!):


I wasn't sure I was really going to be able to fit everything into the room. The free-standing shelving units in the closet were bulky, there were containers everywhere, and I had no idea how I was going to store all of my fabric. So I spent two very full weekends and...

AND... Now (or rather, THEN, as it's gotten a little messy again!):


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