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The Basement

When we first bought the house, we thought that the basement would be my domain, as it was in the townhouse. It was big enough that I could have both my office and my craft room down there. But, thinking about it, we decided that it should be Richard's space, for a few reasons. One, it was already wired for surround sound. Two, he could be noisy and not keep me up at night. Three, it was the only space big enough for all of his office stuff AND the big TV. There were some down sides. One, no bathroom. Two, it was only partially finished. Three... the large can lights hung down so far they came close to burning his head if he wasn't careful. Still, we muddled along.

The basement as it looked during the home inspection:
(the top trio is the unfinished area, the bottom is the finished area)

After we first moved in:
(The stairs were painted with this rough, no-slip coating. The carpeting really saves your legs from getting scratched up!) (Also, please excuse the mess. If I tried to get everything clean before the pics, this web site would NEVER get done!)

This was liveable, if not wonderful, for awhile. Until Carl showed up.

Carl ran almost the entire length of the front wall, and was leaking water at an alarming rate. This required immediate stabilization of the wall and re-grading of the front yard (I'd known we needed to do that, shame on me for putting it off - all that landscaping they'd put in the front yard had created negative drainage, and I knew it needed to be fixed!). Which meant tearing out the old wall, which they had glued to the concrete.

Please, tell me more! (click to continue the saga)

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