Shimmy Shimmy (Cocoa Puff!)
(yes, I am aware that is wrong, but it's funnier that way - dancing cereal!)

I may be attracted to bellydance mainly for the costume aspect... even though I haven't gotten very advanced at it (yet). But hopefully soon this page will expand into a menu of all the pages of bellydance crafts. That's 'hopefully' on two levels - first, that I make the crafts, and second, that I update the web site. Those are two pretty big 'if's.

I'll start out with what I'm most proud of to date, my fitted bellydance belt. Most of the ones sold commercially are just straight tubes of fabric, and while that might work for a slim person, it most definitely does not for those of use with more... ample curves. On a 4" wide belt I have 6 darts, resulting in the top edge being 8" smaller than the bottom edge. The corset lacing down the sides also allows for a lot of adjustment. This is a 'special occasion' belt and as such is a little cheesy - but is also my first attempt. Now that I know it works, I can use the same pattern and do as much intricate beadwork as I want to!

I have done a little bit of beading, as trim on a purchased vest for a friend. So I do know a bit of what I'm getting into with the whole idea, though I have yet to get started on some of my more ambitious projects.

I've also knitted/crocheted a heap of hip scarves, though nothing intricate. I would love to knit a lace hipscarf, but am worried that is beyond my patience and ability right now. I did make one (and am in the progress of making another) with beading, but it's a complete pain and I really am not going to do it again unless I can do it without pre-loading the beads (so they have to be big enough for the yarn to pull through them in a loop, something that hasn't happened yet....). Moving all 1,300 beads down the yarn constantly is very hard on the arms (and shoulders). But it looks pretty good:

I also made a Josephine Hip Scarf, this one a test out of two skeins of Red Heart Fiesta. Since it worked out okay, I will probably make another one out of nicer yarn. I also saw someone make one with a hairpin lace trim, which looked awesome and I'll probably try that instead of doing the tassels again (which were tedious).

I've also done a whole host of simple knitted, fringed scarves in a variety of colors. Here are two I happened to get pictures of:


And I've also been working on skirts. So far all I've managed to complete (despite buying lots of fabric and having lots of good intentions) only the one Gyspy Skirt Reconstruction and I did edge a 25-yard skirt with gold metallic fabric that I cut into binding (it was about 46 yards around the bottom - that was A LOT of sewing!):

Hopefully there will be a lot more soon! Stay tuned!

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