Cookies, cookies, everywhere!

(Included in this batch are Cake-Mix Cookies, Mystery Cookies, some sort of Ginger Snap (I think), and Carrot-Raisin Drops)

I have been accused of... going overboard on the cookie-baking front. Any excuse is, in my mind, a good excuse to bake cookies. Birthday? Cookies. Holiday? Cookies. Re-opening of the library branch? Cookies. Committee meeting? Cookies. Wednesday? Cookies.

(Rice Krispie Treats, Jelly Tarts, Carrot-Raisin Drops, Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Many of my cookie recipes (especially the strange ones) came from Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swenson series. My favorites are the Mystery Cookies (made with tomato soup), the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Cookies (made with sauerkraut, though I found you can leave it out and it still makes an excellent cookie - I think, because you drain and rinse the sauerkraut, it doesn't add much except the ability to shock people when you tell them), the Orange Julius Cookies (nothing weird about them, just delicious!), and the White Chocolate Pumpkin Dreams (maybe pumpkin is a bit odd, but not in comparison - also, I don't ice them, just eat them plain). There are a lot of recipes in the books I have not yet tried, but thus far all of the ones I have tried have been excellent. And they're not all cookie recipes, though the majority of them are.

Betty Crocker is another great resource for cookies, of course. My poor little paperback is falling apart (part of the reason I decided I had to go to recipe cards!) and you can tell, by letting it fall open, which recipes I use the most. My favorite cookie recipe is for Russian Teacakes, also known as Mexican Wedding Cookies. Absolutely divine.

Other cookie recipes I've picked up here and there, various cookbooks and the internet, and a few family recipes. I'm always on the lookout for the unusual, though, because there's just something about seeing a person's face when you tell them the strange ingredient in the cookie they are enjoying. It's wonderful. Not, mind you, that I would turn my nose up at an excellent 'normal' recipe.


Have a recipe you think I'd like, or want your favorite made into a recipe card? E-mail me!